Cycle For Uganda 2018 Route

The Avon Cycleway (NCR 410) - Clockwise!

The Avon Cycleway is an 85 mile circular route around the city of Bristol, following quiet country lanes and taking in the best of the countryside and villages around Bristol and Bath.

Starting from Clevedon, we will be riding round the route in a clockwise direction, a change from our two previous circuits which we completed anti-clockwise.

There is also an option to start at Yate for a 41 mile ride, or for strong cyclists, to add an extra section after the first stop to make 101 miles.

Routes (Interactive Maps and .GPX files)

Route: Short
Distance: 41 Miles        Difficulty: 4/10
Route: Standard
Distance: 89 Miles        Difficulty: 7/10
Route: Epic
Distance: 101 Miles        Difficulty: 8/10