Namisindwa Orphanage, East Uganda

Supporting Namisindwa

The school, called Namisindwa Day Nursery is located in the Mt. Elgon mountain range in the East of Uganda. The school was founded in 2008 and is run by Fred Wetekhela and supported by missionary workers in our community.

The nursery is held in the rented Namisindwa church hall. Originally the school started with 23 children and two teachers, but that has now increased to 90 children and six teachers. All of the children have lost at least one parent (in Uganda children are called orphans when they have lost one parent) and many have lost both. Many of the children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS and the remainder come from poor families who can’t support themselves.

Basic running costs, including rent and food amounts to approximately £3,000 per year which they struggle to meet, with malnutrition a constant problem. With additional support they would be able to feed the children more reliably, purchase educational materials like books and pens, replace utensils and buy cups and plates for the children to use, some of the basic things we take for granted.

This is a voluntary work to provide nursery education and to focus on nutrition and to set an example of God’s love to those who come into contact with the school. Support is coordinated through the Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) with regular missionary trips made to the area to visit the Nursery.