Providing Water for Ibanda

Ibanda is in a remote area in Western Uganda, on the ridge of a hill. It doesn’t rain very often here and they can go months without rainfall. When the rain does come the water will run down the hill very quickly to lower ground so they need to collect it for use later on.

Water is needed for drinking and cooking, but if the community is to thrive, also for watering crops.

In 2014, a water storage tank was installed in the village, collecting water off the roof of one of our church members there, and is used by the whole community. Along with sustainable farming training, this has provided the means for them to be self-sufficient.

They are doing well, but water is still scarce and the installation of a further water tank on the other side of the village will allow them to really increase crop production and make a living through sale of produce.

These tanks aren’t small, something like 5m in diameter and hold several thousand litres of water. With the funds raised from our Cycle for Uganda event in 2016, we will be able to provide them with another storage tank and give a more stable supply of water during periods of drought.